Our Values

Here at Rain Puddles Kids Boutique, we wanted to give you a guilt-free shopping experience by only choosing products we know were ethically made and environmentally friendly. 

Each one of our listings will state where that product is made and what it is made of. If you ever have any question regarding a product, just let us know and we can answer it!


Why do these things matter? 

Ethically Made means treating the workers who make our products with respect. An ethical business ensures all parts of their product production is safe, efficient, and focuses on the health of the workers. An ethical business enforces safety procedures that care for the best interest of workers on top of those that are legally required. An ethical business does not sacrifice worker safety or worker health for increased productivity. Workers in an ethical business are treated fairly, with balanced work hours, appropriate compensation, and thorough protection against injury.

Environmentally Friendly means treating the world where we live with respect. When our manufacturers produce products, they think about how their actions will effect the world around them. By using organic materials we cut down on the overuse of pesticides. Also whenever we can, we reduce, reuse, and recycle so that the children wearing our clothes can have a beautiful earth waiting for them in the future. 

Also FUN! We want kids to be kids and have fun. Our products are never boring or too serious because neither are kids. So go outside get dirty and have fun!


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